Monday, November 28, 2011

A post about clothing to get you ready for next month

9:34 sunrise
16:03 sunset

In addition to Christmas decorations I also bought this sweater in Vancouver.  I think it's rather sharp AND I think I look pretty awesome for an 8am bathroom photo too.  Take that self-esteem jar!!  The sweater is from a cute little shop on Main Street called Two of Hearts.  It's owned by two Vancouver women who design the clothes and make them locally (well, in Canada).  Their online shop doesn't make the clothes look super fantastic (in my opinion) but I really liked the fit and attention to little design features - like the neck on my sweater. 

Anyhow, most of this post is just to give me an excuse to talk about my closet and to say that I will again be challenging myself to Dressember in 2011. 

Started by blogger Blythe and introduced to me last year by Sandra, the idea is to wear a dress each and every day in December.  The official rules say that skirts don't count, but I wore them last year anyhow.  I haven't decided what the plan is this year but I am hoping to borrow a few dresses from friends, just to make it interesting for myself.  The good news is that the weather forecast for the upcoming week is for warmer weather so I won't be obsessed about how to stay warm without looking like the Michelin woman.

So if anyone out there is into the challenge - join me!  I'd love to follow your Dressember adventure. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Night Photos

9:22 sunrise
16:11 sunset

It warmed up a bit today - and by a bit I mean up to -17C (2F) - and so I took Mingus for a longer walk after work.  He's been suuuuuuuper wimpy about the cold so far this year so his outings have been limited this week.  His super blinky collar is now on full time so that we can find him in the dark on bike rides, ski outings and so that cars see him if he dashes into the road.  On our walk I experimented a bit with our camera's limited long exposure features. They look (moderately) better bigger - just click on the photo.

Mingus - mostly still but some head movement, 3 second exposure:

Mingus veeeery still, 3 second exposure:

Mingus on the move:

Both of us with the added benefit of street lights, exposure time about 1.5 seconds:

Not perfect, but something to work on and to entertain myself with on long winter nights.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back from the big city

9:21 sunrise
16:11 sunset

Visiting Vancouver is sort of like going home for me.  Except I don't live there anymore and, to be honest, I don't actually miss it much.  Well, I miss the food and I miss the shopping.  I can't believe I have just typed that: I miss the shopping.  Ew.  To buy just for the sake of buying things - the epitome of why our society is going to hell.  But if I am honest with myself, I love digging around in second hand stores to find some polyester dress that no one else could love and I enjoy trying to find that one item of clothing that will make me look even marginally stylish on the streets of Whitehorse.

Don't worry, this hat isn't it.  Although I did think it was rather cute.  Not practical enough, however, for a Yukon winter.  And besides, I already have a frog hat.

I was working with a small budget on this trip and I was determined to stick to it.  I'm happy to report that I was successful in that plan and I still managed to eat well, drink well, and I acquired a few little treats for myself.  We ate Vietnamese for lunch on Friday and you can see the very cute bag I'm carrying which I picked up at the Salvation Army thrift store for $2.99.

My big splurge ($22.50) came at Baker's Dozen Antiques on Main Street.  They seem to specialize in old toys and I confess that a cabinet full of teddy bears and other animals did distract me for awhile.  But oddly enough, it was all the stuff they had on display for Christmas that really caught my attention.  This is weird since I haven't really celebrated or paid much attention to the holiday for years.  Last December was the first time we had a tree since we lived in Arizona.  However, I am all about nostalgia these days. And even though I have quite the hate-on for celebrating a religious holiday when I am an aethiest, I guess still have positive memories, traditions and feelings associated with Christmas.  That, or I just like old stuff (which is a distinct possibility).   

Anyhow, there were boxes and boxes of old Christmas ornaments in the back of the shop and I dug through them all.  Most were in their original packaging and I am sure that the shop's proprietor picked them up for a song.  The resale price wasn't quite so cheap so I pawed through the boxes and selected 6 ornaments to bring home.  

 I guess this means we'll be getting a tree this year.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bed Hog, My Dog

9:07 sunrise
16:24 sunset

It's getting ridiculous.  We used to let Mingus up on the bed occasionally, especially for a morning snuggle.  But he's got us dialed in now and he sneaks up on the bed sometime during the middle of the night.  He creeps in to our room, pads quietly to Ben's side of the bed (I am so sure it's Ben's side, not mine) and then he jumps up and nestles down between us.  I usually don't notice he's there until the morning.

But check this out:

This is what my bed looked like after I crawled out of it this morning.  It's getting ridiculous - my dog is getting more bed space than I am.  And my sleeping is suffering because of it.  But how do you deter a pet who makes his move while you are asleep?!

At any rate, Mingus will have half the bed to spread out on for the next few days.  I'm off to a grrls weekend in Vancouver to celebrate the bike-wife's birthday.  See you next week!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Electric Bicycle Light Fantastic!

8:59 sunrise
16:30 sunset

My $50 "bicycle bike light lamp" purchased directly from China is working just awesome, thanks.  I even left the battery out in the car overnight and there was still lots of power left to guide me to and from work today.

The best part is that when I came in to work this morning (Tuesday) one of my colleagues asked if that was me on my bike leaving work last night.  She said the light was so bright she thought it was a snowmobile.  Awesome.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hazy Shade of Winter

8:57 sunrise
16:33 sunset

I took my bike out for a walk today.

It wasn't really my plan (the walking, that is).  It has been snowing since Thursday and we have LOTS of fluffy, pretty white stuff on the ground.  I reeeeaaaallly wanted to go out and play in it and even though waxing my skis would have been the more logical choice, I grabbed my snow bike, borrowed one for Ben and out we went.

Epic fail.

That's Ben barely managing to stay upright en route to Quickie.  And he fared better than I did.

Mingus had a grand time, however, and I guess that's worth something.

And, since I walked my bike nearly as much as I rode it, there were lots of photo opportunities.  I think El Guapo looks quite handsome in his natural, snowy environment.  I'm looking forward to a great winter bike season (which is good news considering it's only November...).