Sunday, October 31, 2010


9:22 sunrise
18:05 sunset

Oh my gawd bikcation was SO MUCH FUN! I am super bummed that I'm home, it's cold out and I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm working to get some photos up on flickr but there are a ton of them and at the same time I have to do some work for this course I am teaching up at the College later in November. Too busy!

The weather in Fruita and Moab was perhaps a little bit cool some days, but overall it was sunny and amazing. The trails were pretty scant of people (awesome!) and the riding was super fun. If I had to pick my favourite trail (Julie didn't want to have to pick a favourite) I think I'd choose Zippety Do Da in Fruita: fun, fast and along an absurdly high ridgeline with awesome views and some crazy steep descents. Slickrock (Moab) was also super cool and Holy Cross (Fruita) was another fave. We didn't get to ride them all so I guess I'll just have to go back.

I had such a great time hanging out with our posse of 5 (sometimes 6) women and I miss them terribly today. It feels strange to be at home and not sharing a room and a glass of wine with them at the end of each day. I've really never taken a vacation like this before, but I can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aspen Bound

I love that I walked myself to the airport this morning.

Anyhow in Vancouver now and en route to Aspen tomorrow morning. I've got myself a sweet rental bike (Yeti 575) and I am excited to go riding with my peeps! Possible updates as we go!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mad Men Madness

8:46 sunrise
18:45 sunset
Do any of you find Mad Men creepy? And I mean creepy in a way that is different than just the obviously frightening role of women and 'family values' generally. No spoilers please! Ben and I just started watching the show and have consumed the first two seasons in about a month and we are halfway through season 3. Betty just gave birth to baby Eugene. But yeah, I find watching it makes me all emotional in weird and unexpected ways that I can't fully explain. Anyone else?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Edmonton and back in 6 days

8:41 sunrise
18:51 sunset

So on Saturday last week Ben and I took off to drive more than 4500km in a 6 day quest for office furniture, a new couch, some city food and a soak in some hot springs.
We took Mingus and he wasn't overly impressed. He did, however, bark like crazy at any and all wildlife we saw.

And we saw a LOT: elk, bison, snow geese, a grizzly, deer, and a lynx (!)

It's my third time driving the Alaska Highway and it's still beautiful...but lengthy.

It was my first time in northern Alberta. Flat. Not as pretty as the Yukon, but some nice skies and sunrises/sunsets. But we did encounter really, really nice people including possibly the nicest cop ever (who pulled us over for a plate question regarding the trailer we were hauling).
We ate a couple of yummy meals - eating out is a big city joy that I miss experiencing in Whitehorse.
And we got a chance to do a little bit of exploring in Jasper which is a place I had never before managed to visit. It is a GORGEOUS spot. I was really loving the Rockies. We soaked in the hot springs at Miette (in the National Park) during the last day it was open for the season. It was lovely, but unfortunately not as hot hot hot as I was hoping for.

Our trip to Ikea was also successful (but exhausting) and a lovely new couch is now sitting in our living room. I kind of need to do a reno post soon to show how the downstairs is coming along. It's been mostly finished since May, but I have been kinda holding off for a 'final" photo once everything is complete.
All in all a bit of an insane drive, but fun at the same time. And in a mere week I am off on another adventure: Colorado with friends for a bikecation!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Archival Haiku

8:23 sunrise
19:12 sunset

First day pencils sharp
Jenn's desk is clean and tidy
Backlog no problem

My boss wrote me that haiku for my first day of work this week. Isn't it awesome?! It feels good to be back at the Archives and it's been relaxing because I don't yet fully comprehend all of the problems and challenges of my job. It's a bit of a honeymoon period, I suppose.
The only crap thing is the colour of the walls in my work space - check out the horrifying light pink shade with a slight purple tinge. Gak. It HAS to go. Who the hell ever let that out of a paint can?!

Anyway, to ease my way back into working as an archivist, I've decided to take several days off. Ben and I are driving to Edmonton tomorrow (he has to go for work). En route we plan to do a bit of exploring and once there a bit of shopping (a new couch might be in my future). Ridiculously long road trip - here we come!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yukon River Trail

8:17 sunrise
19:20 sunset

We had a reprieve from the ridiculous snowfall of September. Thank GAWD. I really am not ready for winter (I never am) but the end of September? 10+cms? Yeah, no thanks. Anyway, this past week has been lovely and sunny and Ben and I took advantage of the good weather on Sunday for what will probably be my last long bike ride of the season.

I've taken this shot several times this year, but I still think it's pretty, no?

I had such a great time on my bike this year; I hate to think that Yukon riding is coming to a close. Ben thinks I should be less negative about it - enjoy the last few days while I can - but I like to feel a bit nostalgic. More sentimental than negative. We had a fantastic summer and I went on some awesome rides. Spending an afternoon along the river with Ben was a great way to reminisce.