Monday, November 30, 2009

Would You Vote For Us?

09:40 sunrise
15:58 sunset

The last couple of weeks have been ridonkulously busy. I like that word, ridonkulous. Work has left me feeling stressed and somewhat overwhelmed and in many ways kind of sad about politicians. And I am not an anti-politician kind of grrl. In fact, as kids, Claire and I wanted to be co-prime ministers when we grew up. Somehow even at the age of 8 we knew that the job was probably too all-consuming for one person to take on and still have a modicum of normalcy in her life.

Speaking of Claire - we met up 2 weekends ago in Edmonton, which was awesome. She' s in Fort Mac doing research for her PhD (and you can follow her adventures here if you are so inclined). I think this photo best represents the fact that we have now known each other for 30, count 'em,thirty years.

In other busyness I've finally finished all the off-hill orientation for ski patrol and next weekend is the 5th annual northern pond hockey tournament. I haven't skated since the event in 2007, but I'm looking forward to it. The weather forcast is for sun and -20C so I have to figure out how to get into a costume that will keep me warm and yet looking like a roller derby girl. I'm open to ideas if you've got any.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Which Flavour of Rain Would You Like?

09:13 sunrise
16:18 sunset

I know that gloating isn't very nice, and many people just aren't into going xc skiing at -15C (as I did tonight), but this is why I am soooooooooo glad not to be living in Vancouver.

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Old Furniture

08:58 sunrise
16:31 sunset

I hate when Fridays are stressful. And I hate them even more when I know that today's issues are only going to come back to me tenfold in a shitshow at work next week. Sigh.

In good news - the lampshades arrived yesterday! And, we bought this *awesome* table and sideboard in Victoria last weekend for a really excellent price.

I love that the woman who sold them to us was happy that they were going to "a good home." My friend Wade felt that the furniture had good stories to tell and I liked that idea. They are well-loved, but still in good condition. The seller was even nice enough to gift these serving dishes to me - just because she's "in transition" and doesn't need them anymore. Do I love them? Why yes, yes I do!
Of course, we don't really have a plan for how to get these large items from an island off the west coast of Canada to a small town along the Alaska Highway, but for now I am happy to gaze upon their loveliness and be happy that I have friends with a large unfinished basement.