Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Times They Are A-Changin'

I have been silent the last few weeks in terms of putting words on this blog, but my mind has been on some kind of crazy overdrive. Changes are coming - and good ones because we are choosing them - but the process to getting there is painful at the moment. It's as if we're trying to break an addiction that once seemed like a brilliant and worthwhile endeavour and now seems like a cruel joke. And I am sad/angry/overhwelmed by it all. Getting off the ride is the right thing to do, but at the same time I feel great deal of nostalgia. I know this is a somewhat obscure post and probably doesn't make sense on its own, but for now I just wanted to say something, anything about life around my house of late. I may post more details in the coming weeks; I may not.

Other than inner-personal turmoil, the last couple of weeks have been fantastic weather-wise and I have been out running and cycling a fair bit. The world's sweetest endurance athletes Jill and Geoff stopped by for a night on their way to San Franciso and I'm sending the handful of you who read my blog over to the Miwok 100 site so you can see how fast Geoff runs 100km on Saturday. If this doesn't motivate you to head out on your own 5km jog right now, I don't know what will.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weather Haiku

I complain quite a lot about the weather in Vancouver (turns out I don't like rain, snain, mould, moss, or muck) so I feel obligated to write a brief ode to the past four FANTASTIC days. Because I am not a poet, you will get a haiku instead.

Four days of sunshine

warm temperatures and clear
run, ski, bike, bike, fun!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Jenn Fashion Revelation

I have discovered something that I think is important enough to share. Maybe you already knew this, but then I say - why didn't anyone tell me?

While I am not a huge fan of the "skinny jeans" trend, I did want to be able to wear my lovely leather winter boots on top of my jeans from time to time. I guess I'm fond of the boot-cut or big pant leg styles because it just wasn't workin' for me. I could not stuff my pant legs into my boots and manage to close the zipper. So I have been on the hunt for, if not skinny jeans per se, certainly skinnier jeans than I currently own. And the whole process was depressing. I would try on pair after pair only to pull them up to mid-thigh or, if they were skinnyskinny, up to mid-calf before giving up in disgust.

So here's what you have to do. Buy skinny jeans 2 sizes larger than you usually wear. While it's true that a belt will be required, at least the leg holes fit smashingly well.